Who are we?


Made in Denmark is your everyday 'my hobby grew out of proportions' story. After messing around trying to make my own furniture for practically all my life i decided it was time for an education. Being the serious student i am i started researching the history of furniture to see what had been done. In doing so i kept on stumbling on beautiful designs by exotic names like Juhl, Wegner, Olsen, Wikkelso and discovered they were all natives of the same country, right, Denmark. I found their designs intriguing because of the simplicity of the forms and the extreme craftsmanship they must have possessed to acquire this simplicity. I know, it sounds like a contradiction but if you look at the top class Danish designers their furniture will appear light, non invasive and very close to nature but when you look at them from a furniture makers point of view you soon realize that the solution they came up with to make this or that connection are anything but straightforward or simplistic. And so my respect and admiration for the great Danes grew and grew. I might suffer from tunnel vision but so far I haven't found any greater source of inspiration for my own furniture than the country of Denmark. Because of this we started making regular visits to Denmark on which I couldn't help but stumble on amazing furniture unknown to me. After filling our own house from top to bottom something had to be done.


Where are we?


We are located in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Easily accessible and just two minutes from the nearest highway exit.

You are very welcome to visit us. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.





We can arrange transport to almost anywhere. For smaller items this is done by standard mail service. Bigger pieces are handled by a specialized transport company. In Belgium and parts of Holland and Germany we deliver personally. Don't hesitate to contact us for a shipping quote.

  • Reservation:We can hold items for a period of one week without costs. If we don't hear from you within this period we will put the item on sale again. Storing for a longer period is no problem but in this case we ask a deposit of one third of the price. 

Return policy:

All purchased items can be returned within 10 days after arrival at your address but must be in the same condition as when they left us. In no case will any transport cost be refunded. For buyers within the EU the laws on online sales apply.


More questions?


Just give me a call:

Homburg Dieter